Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Moving on to more fruity adult business!

In recent months I've been looking into all sorts of different areas of business. Ones I knew absolutely nothing about. It's been interesting and good fun. The result has been a few new ventures and a few other opportunities which will be developed further.

New niche

One of the niches I didn't expect (which was an eye opener) was the adult sector. You can make an awful lot of money in it if you are smart. The main reason is because of the competition. Huge amounts of mainstream competitors don't enter the market. Yet the market is huge. The net result is a massive market with not much competition.

When I say not much competition it's worth being aware that I don't mean the volume of websites. I mean the way they are run. In other niches you will find lots of websites where webmasters have invested a huge amount of time and effort to rank strongly. Investment in SEO is very high. This isn't the case in the adult industry. Lots of 18+ websites easily rank for search terms that have high consumer demand.

As a result of my discoveries I've started publishing articles on the topic. First up was an intro to try and open people up to the idea of setting up an adult business and then I have recently followed it up by writing about the costs of adult hosting. The second one may seem insignificant but it's not. Lots of web hosts don't allow adult content. It says so in their terms and conditions. This means you have to be careful and only go with companies who won't ban you.

Going forward

I plan to keep on publishing more on this topic as I continue my education and understanding. 3 new posts are already drafted. Covering things such as the types of websites you could setup and the methods of monetisation.

Make no mistake, you have to work hard, like any other business. But it's interesting to find an area where competition is easy to beat but the rewards are very high. Add on top of that it's a lot of fun because who doesn't love sex!