Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Struggling with the constant battle of opportunity cost

At the moment I am working hard to try and get my blog off the ground. The reason is I think it has decent prospects long-term and I want to give it the best chance possible. In the short-term it means a huge amount of effort.

I don't mind a huge amount of effort. But it's a real struggle when you watch money-making opportunities go by. I know there will be all sorts of things I normally do, such as user testing, that could be making me cash.

The way I would describe the feeling is something like this. It is literally like sucking on a lemon!
I've never had such a battle with opportunity cost before. How do you deal with it? I'm not too sure. Perhaps just shutting everything else and keeping a sole focus on the job in hand, knowing that the opportunities will still be there when I return to them.

My plan is to make a schedule for the blog and next week try and stick to that. With a clear plan I should be able to do those tasks, but get back to bringing some sort of income in.

Fingers crossed in the long-term it pays off.